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  • Stainless Steel for purity • Simple setup and use • DOUBLE the carbon of others • Simple screw-in cartridge Specifically designed for spirit filtration. Made from quality stainless steel because plastic is not ideal for spirits. The latest technology gives you TWICE the performance of older models while being even easier to use […]


Fuggles Hop Pellets

Fuggles Hop Pellets

Fuggles Hop Pellets BREWING QUALITY Fuggles Hop Pellets a hop long associated with typical English Ale brewing. Fuggle has typical English flavour, frequently blended with Goldings to improve “drinkability” of the beer, and adding roundness and fullness to the palate. This robust hop contributes all the essential characteristics of flavour, aroma and balanced bitterness to ales,

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Corona Style Recipe Pack

Corona Style Recipe pack includes – Brewcraft Imported Mexican Cerveza 1.5kg Beer Concentrate ** – 1kg of Dextrose – 12g of Super Alpha (Standard Method) IMPORTANT ** The Beer Concentrate used in this recipe contains a dry enzyme sachet. Be absolutely confident of your FINAL specific gravity reading before bottling. You must have 2 identical readings

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finest round wort kit

Finest Round

  Finest Round wort kits come complete with finishing hops and quality yeast. If you purchase a good quality can kit and a premium malt blend or extract, then add a high quality yeast and some finishing hops plus a grain infusion pack you won’t get much change from $30.00. No matter how well you

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White Labs

The complete range of White Labs Yeasts are available at ESB Brewing Supplies and The Brew Shop for $12.00 Whitelabs take pride in producing the best liquid yeast on the market. They created the original “pitchable” yeast for home brewers. Each strain is carefully grown under sterile laboratory conditions to high cell counts, and concentrated

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