September 2012

kegging your beer

Kegging Information

Kegging Your Beer Clearing Your Beer for Kegging Before you kegging , clearing your beer will keep sediment out of your lines and keg. It also gives you a professional looking and tasting brew. Brew beer as normal. After fermentation is completed, add one sachet of beer finings and 3 teaspoons of white sugar to […]

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mini mash

Mini Mash

  Mini Mash To Mini mash is not difficult. Essentially you are heating water to a set temperature, adding grains and maintaining that water temperature for up to 1 hour. Grains have enzymes on their husk which activate at temperatures between 60°C – 72°C. These enzymes love eating up starch. Grain is 80% starch and

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What About Water

Water for Brewing Regardless of the recipe for your next beer most of it will be water. Most tap water in Australia is very good for making beer. However, the water authorities add chlorine based products to your water to kill unwanted bugs of all kinds. Unfortunately chlorine is not a desirable flavour for any

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Using a Hydrometer

Using a Hydrometer A hydrometer is a useful tool in the hands of a brewer and allows you to obtain the gravity levels (density) between pure water and water with sugar dissolved in it by flotation and you also determine the alcohol percentage at the end of fermentation. During the brewing process yeast is added

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