December 2012

Whisky Malt

Castle Whisky Malt ESB Brewing Supplies and The Brew Shop now carry whisky malt for those pot still owners who wish to make a genuine Scotch Whiskey using  peated malt   Fenol: 10-25 ppm & 26-45 ppm Features:  Château Whisky malt created with love for your whisky is smoked during kilning with the best Scottish […]

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Cider Yeast

Cider Yeast By Mad Millie New Product Mad Millie Cider Yeast (10440) has now replaced Black Rock Cider Yeast (40702). Mad Millie Cider Yeast can be used when making cider from freshly pressed juice or fruit concentrate. It is sufficient for any amount of juice up to 25L. Directions: Sprinkle entire contents onto the juice

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Brew Your Own Jan/Feb 13

Brew Your Own Jan/Feb 13 Feature stories includes: -Dark Lagers: The New Possibility -Schwarzviertler -New Albion Brewing: Cloning Craft Beer History -Malting At Home   Departments section includes: -Tips From the Pros: Fermenting Lagers -Style Profile: American Pale Ale -Techniques: Electric Brewing -Advanced Brewing: Milling Grains -Projects: Build A Heated Mash Tun    

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TURBO 500 STILL MANUAL   The Turbo 500 Still System  is designed to produce high purity Alcohol and give maximum Alcohol recovery. High quality alcohol made with the T500 can be used to make high quality, commercial grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other spirits


Irish Moss

Irish Moss, ESB and The Brew Shop have available Irish Moss in it’s natural form (not whirlfloc) in 50g resealable pouches A teaspoon of Irish Moss a few minutes from the end of your boil will aid the clarity of your finished beer. Irish Moss is a charged adjunct that actually helps tannins and proteins

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