finest round wort kit

Finest Round


Finest Round wort kits come complete with finishing hops and quality yeast.

If you purchase a good quality can kit and a premium malt blend or extract, then add a high quality yeast and some finishing hops plus a grain infusion pack you won’t get much change from $30.00.

No matter how well you brew these ingredients (you will probably have great beer) but you won’t get close to the terrific result of a Finest Round Fresh Wort Kit, which only costs a few dollars more.


Finest Round wort kits use the best of European Malts from Castle Maltings. The addition of many speciality malts in Brewer Damon Notts recipes give layers of malt flavours impossible in can kits.

The use top quality Australian, New Zealand, British, American and European Hops into various stages of the boil give bitterness, flavour and aroma simply unachievable in can kits.

Try these Wort Kits, the worst that can happen is you’ll never buy a can kit again (is that so bad)



                     Damon Nott


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