December 2016


Boiling point of Alcohol The principle of the distilling process is to heat a liquid to its boiling point and let it turn into vapour (steam) then turn it back to a liquid. Boiling point of a liquid is the temperature where it begins to boil e.g. 100 degrees Centigrade for water, 78.5 degrees Centigrade

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Still spirits

Carbon Treatment

Activated Carbon Activated Carbon is made mainly from charcoal using a number of processes usually involving heat of up to 900 degrees Celsius producing a product in which one gram generally has a surface area in excess of 500 square metres. The millions of microscopic channels in every gram of carbon allow impurities to trapped

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Fermentation Enthusiasts

We’re pleased to announce the release of three new beta cultures: Flanders Specialty Ale, Wallonian Farmhouse II and Saison/Brettanomyces Blend II. While we have homebrew vials of all the new beta products stocked on the website, we only have commercial culture available currently for Saison/Brettanomyces Blend II. If you’d like commercial pitches of any of

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As far as comebacks go this hop has the title. Released in 1974 only to be retired in 1980 when super alphas was all the rage. This hop has made a recent comeback due to the growing craft scene, originally for bittering but now known as a dual purpose variety. Aroma is described as wild

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Mixing wort with whiskey

Here’s a quick tip about whiskey, wort and beer brewing I picked up at my last Craft Beer and Brewing retreat in Colorado. John Mallett from Bell’s Brewing shared it with me though I’ve since found that other brewers also know this trick. Hot Wort and Whiskey or Scotch So the tip is this: while

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