Wine Making

Wine making: Safe, Fun and Affordable

Want to start making wine at home? Wine making is a natural process that you can do at home, and produce a good product. The process is completely safe, and with the correct equipment and wine kits, you can create store quality wine at home.

The process is completely safe because all of the equipment used in producing wine is food grade, BPA free (Bisphenol A), high quality stainless steel or PET plastic. To ensure top quality wine production at home it is recommended you have the correct tools to create this. There are a few essential tools that can assist you in producing a top notch wine, some of these are listed below.

Refractometers are a great tool for home brewers and wine enthusiasts because they allow you to measure the specific gravity of the juice before fermentation so that you can determine approximately how much sugar is in it. This will help produce an alcohol content after fermentation between 12% – 14%.

Having a fermenter is a necessity for wine makers because it is used to add yeast and ferment the juice. It should be made of food grade plastic or stainless steel, which ensures no chemicals will leach into your must while fermentation takes place.

Wine bottles are an important part of wine making because they provide a way to store your finished product in order to age it properly before consumption. Wine bottles come in many shapes and sizes and you need to ensure they are sterilized so there is less chance of contamination during storage.

Bungs are another one of those essential tools when wine making at home because they help seal containers such as carboys with air locks during the wine making process. Bungs should fit snugly into the opening of carboys and other containers to help ensure there is no leakage during fermentation.

All in all, wine making at home can be a safe experience that you will enjoy doing with friends or family members because it stimulates conversation and creates memories that last forever!

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