• Stainless Steel for purity filer body

• Simple setup and use

• DOUBLE the carbon of others

• Simple screw-in cartridge

Specifically designed for spirit filtration. Made from quality stainless steel because plastic is not ideal for spirits. The latest technology gives you TWICE the performance of older models while being even easier to use than ever before. Simply screw in the cartridge and pour your spirit into the top. In a few hours you will have fantastic tasting spirits sitting in the base ready for your enjoyment .

11 Litre top container holds an entire batch so it’s a simple one-step process. 20 Litre bottom container can store 2 batches. No handling of messy powdered carbon Sits securely on its base – no need to mount it to the wall or table Won’t spill, leak or smell like others can Looks good enough to keep on the bar, or stores neatly inside the Beer Me 30 L Boiler

Contains everything you need to start right in the box