Introducing the new range of Finest Round Wort Kits

Introducing the new range of Finest Round Wort Kits

It has taken a long time, though the ESB team has been working hard behind the scenes upgrading and redesigning the original EZYBREW 4.5 litre wort kit range. The outcome of all our efforts is the new ESB Finest Round range of fresh wort kits.

They are made from the freshest imported Belgium Castle and English Munton’s malts and we use only the freshest hops. ESB originally came up with the ND 15 litre wort kit for the home brew market back in the late 80s, which has been selling successfully all these years throughout Australia.

The concept of this 4.5 litre wort kit is unique as no other supplier in Australia or on the planet (as far as we know) is producing a kit like this. The ESB team has been trialling and testing batch after batch (at much to the delight of us all) to produce only the finest result for each style we have created. The beauty of these kits is that they are not designed for a particular style or level of brewer, they are for the beginner right through to the seasoned brewer who has no time to brew. They can also be shipped anywhere in Australia at a far more economical rate as we can ship three for the price of one 15 litre wort kit.finest round wort kit

The new complete range of Finest Round wort kits have been put together by the team at ESB, Dave, Mark, Damon, Richard and Colin. In which Damon being the head brewer, principal designer and formulator of styles and recipes.

Damon Nott has had a long relationship with ESB from the early days, the former head Brewer of the Lord Nelson Hotel and Brewery for many years he has won many awards for his craft beer designs. His knowledge of brewing and expertise, like a Master Chef he is a Master Brewer in creating his own unique styles and flavours, balancing the specialty grains with the right hops and yeast to create a culinary treat for our taste buds.

The complete range will include beers that will appeal to everyone’s tastes, from the lighter style of beers to the biggest of beers of them all. We will also be releasing specialty seasonal beers throughout the year – so keep your eye out for them!

We hope you enjoy these Finest Round range of wort kits as much as we do! They can be bought online or ask at your nearest home brew shop to stock them for you. Cheers!