November 2012

No Rinse Steriliser

No Rinse Steriliser now comes in 250g size Copper Tun No Rinse Steriliser now comes in a 250g bottle a more practice size that the one use sachets currently available.  Making it more convenient for the committed brewer, there is enough for 10 uses. Effectively sterilises everything you use for brewing, wine making and distilling.

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Black Sambuka

Black Sambuka Recipe Improvement by Still Spirits Still Spirits have made improvements to the flavour of their  Top Shelf Black Sambuca. The new version is fresher, and more zingy while maintaining the rich licorice and aniseed flavours. It Recommended retail price remains at only $8.50

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December issue of Brew Your Own

December issue of Brew Your Own December issue feature stories includes: -Celebrating Sierra Nevada -Strong Ales -Steampunk Brewing System -Tesgüino: An Ancient Mexican Beer -Filtering Homebrew   Departments section includes: -Tips From the Pros: Sweet Stouts -Style Profile: Sweet Stouts -Techniques: Oak-Aged Homebrews -Advanced Brewing: Oxidation -Projects: Beer Dispensing Tower

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Plastic Liqueur Bottles

Plastic Liqueur Bottles an addition to the Still Spirits Range of products NEW PRODUCT:      750ml Plastic Liqueur Bottles We now have 750ml Plastic Liqueur Bottles available to purchase. These are ideal for Icon Liqueurs (as they require a 750ml bottle for mixing). The Recommended retail price is $2.65  

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