Bittering Hops

The use of hops is for bittering. Bittering hops additions are boiled for 45-90 minutes to isomerize the alpha acids; the most common interval being one hour. Because of this, high alpha bittering hops varieties can be used to provide the bulk of the bitterness without hurting the taste of the beer. If you consider the cost of bittering a beer in terms of the amount of alpha acid per unit weight of hop used, it is more economical to use a 30g  of a high alpha hop rather than 60g of a low alpha hop. You can save your more expensive aroma hops for flavoring and finishing.


Admiral 14-16 UK Target Pilgrim Magnum English Ale
Apollo 15-19 USA Magnum Columbus American Ales
Bravo 12-14 USA Nugget American IPA, Pale Ale
Brewers’ Gold 6-9 Germany Pioneer Northdown Northern Brewer Ale, Heavier German Style Lagers, Lambic
Bullion 6-9 UK ColumbusNorthern Brewer Brewer’s Gold IPA, ESB, Stout
Chelan 12- 14.5 USA Galena
Columbus (Tomahawk) 13-18 USA Nugget Simcoe Chinook US IPA, US Pale Ale, Stout, Barley Wine, Lager(Bittering)
Comet 9.5-12.5 USA Chinook Galena Nugget American ales
Eroica 11-14 USA Northern Brewer Bullion Galena Bitters, Porter
Extra Styrian Dana 10-15 Slovenia >Magnum 1sthopping
Galena 10-14 USA Nugget Target Most English-style and AmericanAles
Green Bullet 10-13 NewZealand Centennial Lager, Bitter, Irish-Style Dry Stout
Horizon 10-17 USA Magnum All Ales and Lagers
Magnum 4-5.5 Germany
ExtraStyrian Dana
Lagers, Pilsner types, Stout, Ales. Typically basebitterness in Lager beers
Marynka 8-12 Poland Northern Brewer
Millenium 15.5 USA Nugget Columbus Ales, Stout, Barley Wine
Newport 13.5-17 USA Galena Nugget
Fuggle Magnum
Ales, Stout, Barley Wine
Northern Brewer 7-11 Germany Northern Down Challenger ESB, Bitter, English Pale Ale, Porter, Lager,Lambic, Munich Helles
Northdown 6-10 UK Northern Brewer Challenger All Ales, Porter
Nugget 10-14 USA Galena Target Magnum Ales, Stout, Barley Wine
Olympic 10-13 USA Chinook Traditional German beers
Pacific Gem 11-15 New Zealand luster Wide range of beer styles, English Bitter and Stout
Phoenix 10-12 UK Challenger English Ales
Pilgrim 10-12 UK TargetAdmiral All English-style beers
Pioneer 9-12 UK Brewers GoldEast Kent Goldings English Ale Styles
Pride of Ringwood 7-10.5 Australia Galena Cluster Australian Lagers
Southern Cross 12-14 New Zealand Northern BrewerChinook Light Lagers
Summit 17.5-19.5 USA ColumbusSimcoe American IPA, Imperial IPA
Target 8-13 UK Pilgrim Admiral Magnum All Ales and Lagers
Tillicum 12-14.5 USA Galena
Warrior 14.5-16.5 USA >Nugget Columbus Magnum Pale Ale, IPA