Easy to Use Brewing Kits









Have you thought about brewing your own beer but are not quite sure where to start? If so, one of our brewing kits may be just what you need. We have several to choose from including kits that come with brewing equipment and simple extract kits for those who already have a set up. We have you covered regardless of your skill level when it comes to brewing. If this is your first attempt at brewing you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use a brew kit.

Our complete brewing kits come with everything you’ll need to brew your beer. You’ll get all the equipment including a carboy, airlock and tap and sediment reducer. Your kit will also come with detailed instructions on setting up the equipment and the brewing process. You’ll get a bottle capper which will allow you to cap your bottles by hand. All you’ll need to provide are the bottles. You can also purchase one of our keg setups and skip the bottling process completely. A keg set up is a little more expensive but takes less time than bottling your beer.

Your complete beer kit will come with everything you need to brew your first batch of beer. You’ll get malt extract, yeast, brewing sugar and sanitation solutions. Brewing your first home brew is as easy as boiling water, straining and transferring the liquid into a carboy for the fermentation process. You’ll need to strain your beer again halfway through the fermentation process. After that it’s just a short wait before you’ll be drinking your first home brew.

When you’re ready to brew your next batch you can choose one of our malt brewing kits. We have several different brands and flavours to choose from. You’ll have the option of brewing anything from stout to ale. Our brew kits are reasonably priced and are perfect for getting your feet wet when it comes to brewing beer.

At ESB brewing we make creating your own home brew easy. Whether you are brewing from malt extract or trying out an all grain recipe we have what you need. Our website is easy to navigate and ordering is simple. We also have a forum you can use to connect with other beer brewers. Get started with one of our brewing kits and start enjoying your own delicious home brew. It makes a great gift for friends and family. Call for quote on 02 9533 3639.