Why Australians Love Beer?

Aren’t Aussies well known as the drunkest drunks whoever drank? According to data, Australians consume 304 beers per person per year. That’s 8.85 liters of pure insane alcohol and money worth AUD 790.

Though recent reports show that they’ve started consuming more wine, they’ll always prefer knocking the head off on beers. No wonder beer making in Sydney is so popular.

In this post we will try and cover and figure why Aussie love their beer so much!

Here are some of the reasons we think why Kangaroos and Beer go hand in hand, quite literally.

  1. Believe it or not, it’s their tradition

Beer has a rich history in Australia and has served as its traditional drink since its invention. Beer made its way to Australia along with Captain James Cook as a reserve for drinking in case water runs out.

It’s so rooted in their culture that the average age when an Australian starts drinking is 16.1 years, which by the last decade was 14.4 years. By this age, every Australian knows their favorite brew. They drink several pints of beer a month. Its oldest beer maker, Cascade Brewery, who first started manufacturing in 1824, is still active today.

  1. Australia has the nicest lager

This sunburnt country is believed to have the best beer. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to identify a good beer. Australians recognize the best beer should be well-bodied, smooth, foamy, and delicious. Victoria Bitter, Corona Extra, and Budweiser are some of the beers Aussies are proud of. You can never run out of options for beer in Australia.

Craft beer is becoming a popular culture in Australia, which means people have started drinking quality beer. Can you believe, there is also an Australian International Beer Awards given every year to the nicest beer?

  1. It’s their party drink

No matter Australia is one of the lead producers and exporters of wine, you’ll always see them enjoying a chilled beer in a pub. The young crowd is notorious for hosting parties at their place when their parents aren’t at home. And what do they do? They binge on beer.

  1. Beer making Sydney

Sydney is prominent for its rich density of quality breweries. Not only large industries but brewpubs, cuckoo brewers, and diversity in nano-brewers is what makes the phrase Beer making Sydney real. Mountain Culture Beer Co., Hopsters Co-Op Brewery, and One Drop Brewing have certainly taken the quality of beer drinking to another level.

  1. Craft beer

A recent study shows that while consumption of alcohol or beer is in a declining phase, craft beer is the only segment that holds the odds for them. Craft beer drinkers are positive about the new experiments; these microbreweries are designing to add exciting flavors and ingredients to their traditional pints.

Since home brewing was legalized, Sydney Home Brew supplies have increased, which shows Australians are searching for newer flavors of beers. Sydney Home Brewing has become a culture these days. You can quickly bring your own brewing kit to make your much owned beer at home.

  1. Aussie pub etiquette

It is considered customary for every person on the table to call for his round of drinks for everyone. This is a ‘shout.’ You shout everyone a beer on your table turn after turn.

  1. Brewers make weak beers their strong point

Breweries have started making pale beer. By lowering the strength of their beer, they wish to boost their sales. A pale beer is always the right choice for formal sports watching or backyard barbeques. Plus, pale beer attracts young drinkers.

  1. Increasing prices of luxury

While the property prices and other luxurious lifestyles are out of reach for the majority of the crowd of the country, kangaroos are turning towards smaller luxuries such as travel, experiences, and a few drinks on Friday night. That’s it.

Wrapping Up:

Lately, Aussies have been drinking less alcohol than they used to. People have started choosing a sober nightlife and healthier days. Due to this trend, mid-strength beers got popular. This trend towards greater health is expected to continue. But the beer culture of Australia, ranging from Pale Ale to Lager, is wide enough for any alcohol enthusiast. Nevertheless, beer and Kangaroos will always be unison on the smallest of occasions or even when a day gets rough!