What is the potential of home brewing industry post COVID?

After popularizing the tradition of homebrewing and craft breweries, people were not used to a paucity of beer. But this pandemic has taken a toll on brewing industries as well. With stay at home orders, quarantines, and other restrictions, craft breweries have been shut for an indefinite time. People are stuck at home with a lot of time on their hands. In such times, beer-making in Australia has exploded in popularity.

The homebrewing industry is known to do well amidst the recession, unlike other businesses because not many people are working, and most people have turned cost-conscious.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes your own beer feel like, now is the best time to do it. While most pubs and bars have been forced to shut as safety measures, why should you suffer the longing of your favorite beverage? Just homebrew it! Moreover, it can also be your escape from all the negativity lingering in your head due to restricted movement. It’s a way to escape from what’s happening in the world for a while and do something fun. 

Those who were already into the hobby of beer making at home and had a setup could already perfect their hobbies during this lockdown. There are a plethora of recipes over the internet from homebrewers across the world and an equal amount of fruits and ingredients to make their favourite fruit beer. You can order your homebrewingkits or beer making suppliesfrom Sydney Home Brew Supplies. Think of all the recipes you’ve heard from your friends and were dying to try. If you ask us, now is the best time to do it.

Homebrewing need not be complicated or a hobby that burns a hole in your pocket. Despite all the modern gadgets, you can start brewing your beer with minimum equipment or starter kits at Sydney Home Brew. They are pocket-friendly and easy to use. You can brew a great batch with extracts in your kitchen as well.

Getting started is easy. It is an adaptable process that can take different forms depending upon your resources, interests, and skill level. The best part of beer making at home is that you are in charge of the recipe. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to experimenting with ingredients and style of beer making. For your first batch, sticking to a tried-and-tested recipe is the best option. Brew up your first batch and see where your love for homebrewing takes you from there. 

After you get a few nicely brewed beer batches, you can start scheming with different ingredients and tweak recipes to make what you wish to. We hope that everything goes well, and when you take the first sip of your homebrew, you’ll be startled. Later, when you start planning for your next brew day, you can head to our online store to buy beer-making supplies and take your brewing skills to another level.

Do you still think homebrewing won’t be fun?

There’s more to just brewing alone at home. You can host a movie night with your friends. (with proper safety measures, of course!)

A lot of us have been craving to eat at restaurants and pubs for a long time. Everyone around the world has been spending more time in the kitchen trying to make dishes that could somehow satisfy the longing. A lot of us are also missing the happy hours in our favorite pubs. You can host a virtual happy hour. We know it doesn’t sound as exciting as being in the pub, but it surely beats drinking alone. You can use online video conferencing tools to arrange virtual meets with your friends without worrying about the distance. We know it is not the replacement of the fun we used to have with our friends face-to-face until a few months back, but it’s still fun, and a reminder that we’re still in it together, even longer, if needed.