Top 10 Jobs in the Home Brewing Industry

The brewing industry has moved beyond just producing beer. Today, they are innovating new drinks every day. These include sodas, soft drinks, energy drinks, and even flavored water. Beer is sold in bottles that usually have a shelf life of one year. This extended shelf life means no danger of the beer becoming stale and no longer being used. As a result, there are now many different styles and types of bottled beer available. You can find a wide selection of beer in local supermarkets as well as on the internet.

Beer can help you stay healthy. It is beneficial to those who suffer from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. The industry has recognized the importance of making the food and beverage industry healthier and more responsible for people’s health. Many brewers are now providing free trials of the beer to try the product out first hand and determine whether it is something that they will enjoy for many years to come. Consumers are now able to have access to the very best tasting beers at affordable prices. Let us see the top 10 jobs you can find in the home brewing industry.

  1. Beer sommelier
    A Beer Sommelier is an experienced professional, usually a certified cicerone, serving in both the food and beverage industries, specializing in knowledge and service of alcoholic beverages. They travel around the world visiting establishments that serve alcoholic drinks and other types of food and beverages to customers. On average, a Beer Sommelier earns $65,000 per year. If you are in love with beer and traveling, this job is made only for you.
  1. Beer Blogger
    Excellent knowledge of beer and conversational writing skills will make a great blog. Many Beer lovers worldwide are always searching for different types of beer they should be trying. So, if you have the passion, then you can start your own beer blog. The income of a Beer Blogger depends on its audience, but a blog can be scaled to make you millions.
  1. Brewer

In case you have the skill of brewing, and you are passionate about it, then the position of brewer is just for you. A brewer is a person who brews the beer. You will have to learn Beer brewing, and then you can start your career as a Brewer. Later, when you become more experienced, you will get the position of Brewing Manager.

  1. Brewery Head of Production

This post is more like an administrative job but definitely requires that you have a sound knowledge of brewery. As the Brewery head of production, your work is to look after all the logistics of the brewing department. You might be able to bag as much as $63,000 in a year as a Brewery Head of Production.

  1. Brewing Process Engineer: Brewing Process Engineers have a huge role to play in the brewing industry. From looking after technical aspects to project building, engineers have a lot to contribute.
  1. Microbiologist: Lab is where a microbiologist is placed. This is where the research on production begins. There is much research needed when you want to come up with a new beer. A microbiologist is needed to study yeast and other aspects of beer.
  1. Sales and Marketing: No industry can survive without marketing, and the same applies to the brewing industry too. As a marketer, you have to deal with promotion and lead generation. A sales and marketing person does not really have a limit as to how much they can earn, but you can easily make a good career by working as a sales and marketing manager.
  1. Beverage Director: A beverage director is responsible for managing the entire company. A production manager looks after the production department, whereas the beverage director is the central head who takes care of the quality of the bulk production.
  1. Quality control manager: It is basically where the beers are tested for quality before producing in the market. A Quality Control Manager is the person who takes responsibility for tasting and approving the taste for mass production.
  1. Machine operator: Brewing needs good usage of technology, and the machine operator is responsible for operating the machines

Summing Up

Homebrewing is a never-ending business as beer lovers have always existed and will exist in the future. So choosing a career in homebrewing is definitely gonna pay you off. You can also explore the industry by getting involved in it, and you will get to know that there are much more possibilities in the Homebrewing industry than all these jobs.