What is the first reaction that comes into your mind when you have the first sip of the well-crafted perfect smoke beer? That spark of summer campfire and those grills are something you might get reminded of. These feelings are common, and thus, smoked beer is a pretty trending and popular type out there amongst beer lovers!

The perfect blend of the smokiness with the right spices and the aroma is something to die for! Now there are various ways on how you can actually create a perfectly smoked beer by a home brewing process. We will focus on the easiest one! Keep reading to know more about it.

Why Smoke Beers?

Even though this is not a valid question because the prime reason people love their smoke beers is the flavor. Those perfect blends of different flavors and the rich aroma is something beer lovers are very fond of. The dark beers usually have a sweet or savory flavor. The smokiness can surely give a different kick to it.

What are the tips and tricks for the perfect smoked beer?

The most common method is the use of smoked malts. These are pretty popular, especially for this home brewing process. The malt extracts from Sydney Home Brew is an excellent choice for this. Why? This is because they have the right ingredient list and make the perfect companion in your entire home brewing process.

Now, when you have finally made the mind to make a smoked beer at home, you surely don’t want to risk the ingredients’ quality since that might either completely lose the flavor or rather make it worse!

Getting the right malt in the market is tough, especially for smoked beers since they need special attention. The variety of malts available here is massive. It thus opens the possibility of getting the right one with no hassle. These have been the constant choice of many brew lovers out there and are surely loved by them!

Alternatively, you can even smoke your own malt in the home brewing process. How? Use cherry, applewood, hickory, or hardwood to smoke. This will also provide your beer with that smoky flavor!

To make your own smoked malt, you should first moisten your malt with chlorine-free water. This is a very crucial step to maintain the quality of the alt. Then smoke it on the cold fire. Do not use the normal heat since that can adversely affect the malt flavors to a significant extent. Aim for an optimum temperature of 120 degrees F. Remember, the lighter the malt, the smoker the flavor!

Keep the grain appropriately moistened, but not wet. A quick tip: Just keep a spray bottle of non-chlorinated water. This will be very handy for the entire process.

Now, if you really want to get an idea about the exact flavor profile of the alt that you just brewed, you can home brew a cup of tea from it and get the taste of the flavor. This will help you to change the flavor and adjust according to your requirements. Remember that the flavor would be milder in the tea in comparison to the beer. So adjust according to that.

How can I brew my Smoked beer?

Now when we have the basics covered, we are finally ready to brew our first batch! There are various processes available in the market, but you can use the recipe kits available at the Sydney Home Brew. They have great innovative beer kits and the perfect smoked beer out there and are convenient.

 How to enjoy a smoked beer?

Now since this beer is special and different from the others, the serving process should also be different. Why? Smoked beers are certainly not the ones you can serve chilled and directly out of the fridge. It should be cool, but not chilled! And furthermore, do not judge the flavor before the third sip since that is the minimum required to get an accurate sense of the home brew smoked beer taste. Thus, don’t be quick to judge here!


These were basic yet crucial tips and tricks that will be immensely helpful the next time you opt to brew a smoked beer right at your home! Thus, gear up and make your first home brew smoked beer and enjoy it with your loved ones!