Styrian Goldings (Celeia) Hop Pellets


Styrian Goldings (Celeia) Hop Pellets

BREWING QUALITY  Styrian Goldings

Styrian Golding Hop pellets are an aroma type which has a low alpha acid content of 4.5%-6.0%. This very well established  variety offers a delicate bitterness with a distinctive very flavor and aroma. Moderate myrcene and caryophyllene levels and the humulene is on the high side but helps provide for some of the spicy character of Styrian Golding. Farnesene is low although present, and help to make this variety ideal finishing hop.

ORIGIN / HISTORY Styrian Goldings

Styrian Golding Hops, are also called Savinja Golding, is one of the traditional hops grown in Slovenia,  It is is not a  Golding variety as might be expected instead Styrian Golding is a type of Fuggle Hop and has much of its attributes. This variety is the major hops crop for Styria which is an Austrian state bordering Slovenia.

AGRONOMICS Styrian Goldings

Moderately resistant to downy mildew. Sensitive to aphids and mites.

ACID COMPONENTS Styrian Goldings

Alpha Acids 3 – 6% w/w

Beta Acids 2.5 – 3.5% w/w

Cohumulone 27 – 31% of alpha acids


Total Oil 0.6 – 1.2 mls/100 grams

Caryophyllene 8 – 10% of whole oil

Farnesene 4 – 6% of whole oil

Humulene 20 – 35% of whole oil

Myrcene 27 – 33% of whole oil

Possible Substitutions: Tradition, Select Spalt


Bittering, Flavour Aroma and Finishing Hops

There are basically two times that you add hops to beer The first time to add hops is near the beginning of the boil. This allows the alpha acids in the hops to be converted into iso-alpha acids, which give beer its balancing bitterness. Alpha acids are not soluble in beer, so they cannot contribute any bitterness. Boiling converts these alpha acids into iso-alpa acids, which are soluble in beer and therefore lend bitterness to your batch. In the case of can kits these are already in the kit.

The other time you should add hops is in the middle or near the end of the boil (or sometimes after the boil). This allows the oils in the hops to impart flavour and aroma to the beer. The hop oils contain the aroma and taste components of the hops. (Not possible for can kits)


Dry Hopping with finishing hops Styrian Goldings

This is the most simple and the best method for adding aroma to your beer, it will also add a pleasant fresh hop flavour. Suitable for hop cones or pellets. Dry hopping is the practice of adding fresh hops, cones or pellets, directly into your fermenter. The hops are best put into a muslin or nylon bag, they are then added to the brew at some stage during fermentation. My suggestion is to add them before adding your cold water i.e. mix all the ingredients as usual in hot water, when dissolved add the hop bag and give it a stir to ensure the hops are wet, then top up with cold water and pitch the yeast