How To Shop For Your Perfect Homebrewing Kit

If you’re planning to venture into the world of homebrewing, then at some point,you might have come across the dilemma of choosing a homebrewing kit.

Brewing your beer can be a fulfilling chore, but buying your first brew kit can be burdensome with ample options to choose from all the beer-making supplies. Don’t worry mate,through this article, we will enumerate the things you need to make your first batch of beer a delicacy.

The right kit for you, if you are brewing for the first time must include a set of instructions. Brewing a perfect batch of beer is not only an art but a science in itself. Even the first time, brewers must understand the set of directions.

After buying your first kit with Sydney Home Brew, the hardest part of the process might be waiting for weeks for the fermentation to take place. We have a humongous variety of kits for beginners to pro-brewers.

Reusable components in a beginner’s kit will not let the love for brewing in you die.

The tools in your first homebrew kit should be easy and clear to use. The best kit for you might be the one that includes everything from ingredients to the equipment you might require to brew your first batch.

The contents in an all-inclusive kit must vary from manufacturer to manufacture, but a basic starter kit must contain the following

  • Fermenting Container
  • Venting Plug
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Large Mixing Spoon
  • Adjustable Flow Tap Apparatus
  • Bottles Caps and Labels
  • Racking Cane and Bottle Filler
  • Malt extracts, Hops, Yeast and Primer for Bottling
  • Recipe and Instruction Booklet


What will you get in return for your money? You can own a basic homebrew kit for beginners under $50. These kits might not include everything you need. If you are willing to spend somewhere between $50-$100, then you might opt for a more advanced kit that includes everything you might require. We call it an all-inclusive kit. It is a perfect match for first-time brewers and advanced brewers as well. With more spending, you can also buy kits that include different seasoning and flavors for your drink, along with the rest of the things. With such kits, you can brew up to 5 gallons of beer.

If you’re an expert in the art of homebrewing beer, then you can also shop individual ingredients, equipment or flavors with us that will outperform your previous batch every time. For effective purchases, make a list of the equipments you require and then purchasea kit. If you do not find something in the kit of your choice, you can also buy it individually with us. Just make sure you have everything you need.

Once the novice brewer in you becomes an enthusiast, you can start buying add-ons and upgrades.

Here is a shortlist of things you can buy after you have successfully made a couple of batches

  • A food-grade fermentation bucket for larger batches
  • Brewing Recipe Books
  • A bottling bucket with a spigot
  • Glass bottles and cappers
  • Drying and Storage Racks
  • Thermometer and Hydrometer

With us, you can also buy refill kits. Running out of yeasts or hops or malt extracts? Shop here. Thinking of adding new flavors and spices to your beer? We have so much in store for you. From different flavor boosts to automatic siphons, you can shop all under one roof. No matter, you are buying your first kit or tenth additional item to your passion for brewing, we have everything you want. We’ve been taking care of all the brew enthusiasts and craft brewers for more than 30 years, which makes us the oldest HomeBrew retailer in Australia. Check our offerings and choose your desired homebrew kit.