How To Earn Using Homebrewed Beverages

What if we told you that you can now earn by homebrewing beverages? Yes, by using easily available home brew supplies, you can make a good money.

Say, you had to burn a hole in your pocket every weekend for getting your hands on your favourite drink, and from there, imagine paying less money per bottle and in return, earning money out of your homebrewing hobby.

Do you know what the cherry on the cake is? This way, you can also route for your favourite flavours and recipes.

In this article, we will tell you how to make the most out of your homebrewing hobby.

You can not only earn by selling your beverage, but you can also sell your knowledge of how to homebrew.

To sell your beer, you’ll need a license. Many states haven’t legalized selling homebrewed alcohol, but still, you can sell them in some of the homebrew festivals.

In Australia, homebrewing is like driving. You need to get a license for it, and you can open your craft brew or even sell from home.

Data shows that there are recent, more than 250 microbreweries operating in Australia and this business is going to rise by 9.5% in the next two years.

The reason why the practice of homebrewing and microbrewery shops are flourishing is that people aren’t any more interested in the same old traditional drinks.

After being introduced to unique and flavorful new recipes of their same favourite drinks, they want more.

People around you must be knowing what beer costs in their local beer shops and the fact that homebrewers can make the same bottle for a dollar or two less.

Another way of earning through homebrewing is by renting your homebrew vessels and kegs in small communities.

If you have an additional room, you can design its interiors and host it for travellers. You can attract them through unique and different flavours of beer you’ve made at home.

You can charge at a premium price to cover your beer making expenses (because you’ll be selling the beer for free). This way, you’ll be providing accommodation and not alcohol.

You might not have to get a liquor license for it, but have to pay taxes for providing accommodation.

We have one more way to turn your hobby into cash under our sleeves. Sell your recipes.

If you’re a master of this technique, you can make a swift side income by selling your ideas and recipes.

No doubt, there are numerous books and blogs on it, but if you have a recipe that has won several competitions, you’ll get your first breakthrough.

The best thing about it is that you can resell the same thing to different customers and online platforms. (You can take legal advice to create a purchase contract.)

Apart from this, you can teach local people regularly, write articles and blogs for large breweries, start a YouTube channel, open a homebrewing website or even start your own brew shop.

But before all this, you need to reconsider the legal status of brewing in your state and understand tax obligations.

Now imagine this. You love brewing, you get to do it all day, and you also get paid for it. Isn’t that fantastic? You can choose to work full-time in a real-life brewery if this is your passion.

For this, you might want to set yourself in the eyes of people as a professional brewer.

Workaround beer tasting events or brew meet-ups, take a professional course and certificate and be prepared to learn and work hard.

If you can’t work round the clock, you can also work as a tour guide. Being a brewery tour guide in large breweries will let you share your knowledge about brewing and pay you as well.

By now, you must have picked your option to upscale your homebrewing to a different level. Making beverages of your own is fun in itself; getting money for it is the icing on the cake!