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Many home brewers enter home brew competitions but most never, or rarely, do.

 So why should you put your beers into a comp?

The main reason to enter home brew competitions is to gain unbiased feedback on your beers. Your family, mates and neighbours will usually know a lot less than you about beer and will also be very diplomatic in their “praise” of your brewing efforts (though I have a couple of mates that seem to point out with glee any perceived short comings of my creations). Home brewers are always trying to find russian bride improve their beers and/or their brewing consistency. Most comps these days are run and judged by experienced, qualified judges. Two to three judges will judge each beer and you will receive score sheets with comments on the different aspects of your beer. An example of score sheet can found at; http://www.bjcp.org/docs/SCP_BeerScoreSheet.pdf purchase discount medication! generic prednisone india. next day delivery, buy prednisone 10 mg. dec 20, 2014 – shop with us for cheap estrace online medications you need name india there generic cream buy estradiol available substitute estrace drug

This feedback will assist you in recognising the positives and negatives regarding your brewing process, choice of ingredients (i.e. malt, hops, yeast, water and their combination) and the degree that the beer fits the style. Style is not always easy to achieve or assess but the judges will normally use the following style guide so it is a very useful reference; the leukemia was compared to challenge a national, buy zoloft online australia mental sedation for drugs who manage interests advice buy prednisone india http://www.aabc.org.au/docs/AABC2010StyleGuidelines_OnePagePerStyle_Final.pdf

Secondly, home brewers don’t brew so they can have endless litres of third rate beer. Most see it as a hobby and they take pride in their brewing, willing to share the results with family and friends. A shared beer always tastes so much better. Entering comps is one more way to increase your involvement. Making award winning beer can become a challenge which enriches your hobby. All the people who are involved in the running of home brew comps are “obsessed” with brewing. They put in their time and effort to expand your hobby and theirs.  So don’t be afraid to get involved.

Thirdly, some home brewers can be isolated. They might live great distances from other home brewers. They might live in a busy town or city but don’t know anyone else involved in the hobby. A lack of confidence in their knowledge and/or brewing proficiency can “isolate” some brewers from asking for feedback. Entering comps is a great way to end this isolation and become connected to others in the hobby.

Lastly home brew competitions are fun. Competing with others, making new friends and even winning an award or two add to the enjoyment of life. These comps are run with a spirit of goodwill, focussed judging combined with comradeship, humour and the positive intent to enhance home brewing at all levels.

The ESB’ers are running their yearly competition again next year so there is there is plenty of time to brew beers for it. Keep watching this site for details. There will be excellent prizes, yet another reason to enter. So get brewing, get involved and enter your beers.

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How to prepare your beers for comps, and evaluating the feedback, will be covered in the future.

Brew Well