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Beer Recipe for a Cascade Pale Ale

Cascade Pale Ale   Malt, hay and fruit on the nose before pale-lager-like crispness with a slightly fuller body. A refreshing bitterness carries through until the next sip..

Cascade Pale Ale Style Beer Recipe includes

ESB India Pale Ale 1.7kg Beer Concentrate

#20 Ultra Blend Brewing Sugar (1kg)

12g of Pride Of Ringwood Finishing Hops (Standard Method)

Instructions to make a this Beer Recipe

1.Clean and sterilize all equipment to be used.

2.Add 1 ESB 1.7kg India Pale Ale kit and a 1kg #20 Ultra Blend brewing sugar to your fermenter and dissolve with two litres of boiling water.
3.Top up the Fermenter  with cold water to 23 litres
4.Add yeast once temp is under 30°
5.Seal Fermenter, and wait for fermentation to complete in three to five days (longer if the weather is cold)
6.Bottle adding 2 carbonation drops to every 650ml bottle and 1 carbonation drop to every 375ml bottle, leave bottles at room temperature to allow secondary fermentation to occur (this carbonates the beer).

Standard Method Remove the hop bag from the foil sleeve being careful not to cut the inner sachet.
Put the hop bag into a sterilized vessel (e.g.. coffee mug) and fill with boiling water. Let it steep/infuse for about 10 minutes, while you mix your brew.
When your brew is at the stage where you would normally add the yeast, first tip the entire contents of the mug, hop bag and all into your fermenter, give it a stir with a sterilized spoon or paddle, then add the yeast.

Please Note:This recipe does not duplicate the nominated brand but provides you with a starting point for making a beer similar in style.

Recommended add on are Safale US-05 Yeast and a Light grain enhancer pack