Commercial Spirits and Liqueurs

There is an amazing range of commercially made spirits and liqueurs available at any bottle- shop but the thing they all have in common is that they are all flavoured alcohol. They are made using traditional methods usually in pot stills where the essences of the added ingredients come through to flavour the finished product, for example juniper berries added to gin to give it its unique taste or the oak and malt flavours of bourbon and whiskey.

Making spirits at home the natural way

All of these spirits and liqueurs can be made at home however the ingredients, equipment and the hardest, the research needed make it difficult but not impossible. Sometimes the ingredients are hard to find and the methods and equipment needed, often are different for each type of spirit.

The Science of Essence

However science has come to the rescue of the home distiller using the art of a trained scientist called a Flovorist whose job it is to combine scientific knowledge with artistic creativity to create the flavour essences we need to produce our liqueurs and spirits.

Reflux Still

With to huge variety of these essences available it is a simple matter to create great tasting liqueurs and spirits by adding them to alcohol of the correct percentage or proof. The alcohol can be bought or made using one of the super-efficient reflux stills on the market.

Essences you like

With the great many essences available some are better than others but the emphasis is on what you like, it is wise to try a few brands to determine what best suits your taste.