TURBO 500 STILL MANUAL   The Turbo 500 Still System  is designed to produce high purity Alcohol and give maximum Alcohol recovery. High quality alcohol made with the T500 can be used to make high quality, commercial grade, clear spirits such as Gin, White Rum and Vodka as well as any of the other spirits […]


Irish Moss

Irish Moss, ESB and The Brew Shop have available Irish Moss in it’s natural form (not whirlfloc) in 50g resealable pouches A teaspoon of Irish Moss a few minutes from the end of your boil will aid the clarity of your finished beer. Irish Moss is a charged adjunct that actually helps tannins and proteins

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No Rinse Steriliser

No Rinse Steriliser now comes in 250g size Copper Tun No Rinse Steriliser now comes in a 250g bottle a more practice size that the one use sachets currently available.  Making it more convenient for the committed brewer, there is enough for 10 uses. Effectively sterilises everything you use for brewing, wine making and distilling.

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Black Sambuka

Black Sambuka Recipe Improvement by Still Spirits Still Spirits have made improvements to the flavour of their  Top Shelf Black Sambuca. The new version is fresher, and more zingy while maintaining the rich licorice and aniseed flavours. It Recommended retail price remains at only $8.50

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Plastic Liqueur Bottles

Plastic Liqueur Bottles an addition to the Still Spirits Range of products NEW PRODUCT:      750ml Plastic Liqueur Bottles We now have 750ml Plastic Liqueur Bottles available to purchase. These are ideal for Icon Liqueurs (as they require a 750ml bottle for mixing). The Recommended retail price is $2.65  

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How to Store Hops

How to store Hops The Hop Aging Process There are three ways that hops degrade oxidisation temperature and light. The hop oils in hop flowers and pellets both aromatic and bittering will break down but heat accelerates the process greatly Old or stale hops have cheesy or skunky flavour that will spoil your beer. Hop

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