Castle Hill & Hills District Agricultural Society Inc Home Brewing Championship 2010/11









17th/18th September 2011Castle Hill & Hills District Agricultural Society Inc Home Brewing Championship 2010/11

The Home Brewing Championship will be judged on the 17th and 18th September in conjunction with the 2011 Castle Hill and Hills District Agricultural Society Annual Show ( The competition has been registered with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) and will use both BJCP and Australian Amateur Brewing Championship (AABC) style guidelines.

The competition will be run by Castle Hill and Hills District Agricultural Society Annual Show in conjunction with Inner Sydney Brewers. For enquiries contact Head Steward, Stuart Upton, [email protected]

Entries must be submitted by

 close of business Saturday 3rd September 2011 at listed brew shops;

 OR Tuesday 6th September 2011 10am – 4:30pm directly to the Showground;

 OR Saturday 10th September 2011 10am – 2pm by post or directly to the Showground


Sponsor Prizes

  • Brew for a day at the Australian Brewery
  • Dinner for two at the Australian Brewery
  • Brew for a day at the Schwartz Brewery
  • Four prize vouchers for the Schwartz Brewery
  • Prize vouchers for Dave’s Home Brew Shop
  • Prize vouchers for Absolute Homebrew
  • Hunter Beer Co. Beers
  • Murrays Craft brewing prizes
  • Yeast vials from White Labs
  • Prize packs from Hopco
  • Tickets to the Beer Diva Dinner from The Local Taphouse


Entry fees: Entry fee of $5.00 per entry.

Entry Requirements:

Each entry will consist of 1 bottle of a minimum of 500 ml (or two 375 ml containers).

All styles of bottle will be accepted, however, the organiser will not accept responsibility for any light strike, resulting from packaging in clear glass or plastic. Organisers will not accept responsibility for any entries entered in the wrong category, although feedback will still be given.

Bottles will not be returned at completion of judging.


All entries must be accompanied by completed entry forms including a signed copy of the indemnity form attached to this document.


1. By Post: Entries (securely packaged with fee) may be consigned to:

Castle Hill and Hills District Agricultural Society

PO Box 6101

Baulkham Hills BC 2153

To be received by SATURDAY 10th September 2011

2. Direct to Showground

The showground office will be open on Tuesday 6th September 2011 between 10am to 4:30pm and Saturday 10th September 2011 between 10am to 2pm for receipt of entries to:

The Castle Hill & Hills District Agricultural Society Show Office

Federation Pavilion

Castle Hill Showground

Doran Drive (off Carrington Road)

Castle Hill NSW 2154

3. Home Brewing retailers

Entries, fully packaged for transportation containing entry forms and fees may be lodged at the following participating home brew retailers, ready for collection, by close of business Saturday 3rd September 2011.

Dave’s Home Brew

02 9460 0526

Shop 1/283a Miller Street

North Sydney


ESB Brewing Supplies

(02) 9584 3372

1/11 Lorraine Street Peakhurst


The Brew Shop

(02) 9533 5952

60A Henry Lawson Drive



Absolute Home Brew

(02) 9833 0555

Shop 7, 40 Phillip St,

St. Marys


Conditions for an Award:

For awards to be made to any category there must be a minimum of three (3) entries in the category.

Entries submitted for a sub-category in which there are not the prescribed number of entries will still remain eligible to win the overall category award, best in show etc.

An award will not be made to any category or sub-category if, in the opinion of the judges, the quality of entries do not warrant an award.

Beer Awards:

In addition to prizes offered by sponsors, the following awards may be given:

Champion Ribbon for Best in Show

Grand Champion Ribbon for Grand Champion Brewer

Rosette and card will be awarded for beers placing 1st in each category

Ribbon and card will be awarded for beers placing 2nd & 3rd in each category

Provision of Awards:

Results will be mailed to exhibitors as soon as possible after 18th September 2011 with tasting sheets and sponsor prizes. Results will also be posted on the AHB website ( following the completion of judging.

Judges Decisions:

The judges’ decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding such decisions. Neither The Castle Hill and Hills District Agricultural Society nor the Inner Sydney Brewers will be responsible for any loss or damage to entries or loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of entering the competition. The organising judge reserves the right to alter the competition conditions and rules without notice if deemed to be in the best interests of the competition.

Categories and Style

Most styles will be based on AABC categories available at the AABC website (

1. Pale and Dark Lagers

1.1 Light Australian Lager

1.2 Australian Lager

1.3 Australian Premium Lager

1.4 Pale Continental Lager

1.5 Munich Helles

1.6 Dortmunder

1.7 Classic American Pilsner

1.8 German Pilsner

1.9 Bohemian Pilsner

1.10 Oktoberfest/Marzen

1.11 Vienna Lager

1.12 Munich Dunkel

1.13 Schwarzbier


2. Pale & Amber Ales

2.1 American Pale Ale

2.2 American Amber Ale **

2.3 English IPA

2.4 American IPA


3. British & Irish Ales

3.1 English Bitter

3.2 English Best Bitter

3.3 English Extra Strong Bitter

3.4 Scottish Light Ale

3.5 Scottish Ale

3.6 Irish Red Ale


4. Wheats & Hybrids

4.1 Weizen/Weissbier

4.2 Dunkelweizen

4.3 Weizenbock

4.4 Roggenbier

4.5 Cream Ale

4.6 Blonde Ale

4.7 Kolsch

4.8 American Wheat or Rye Beer

4.9 Australian Pale Ale


5. Dark Ales, Porters & Stouts

5.1 Mild Ale

5.2 Northern English Brown Ale

5.3 Southern English Brown

5.4 Australian Dark/Old Ale

5.5 American Brown Ale

5.6 Brown Porter

5.7 Robust Porter

5.8 Dry Stout

5.9 Sweet Stout

5.10 Oatmeal Stout

6. Strong Ales & Lagers

6.1 Strong Pale Lager

6.2 Maibock/Hellesbock

6.3 Traditional Bock

6.4 Doppelbock

6.5 Eisbock

6.6 Old Ale (English Strong Ale)

6.7 Strong Scotch Ale

6.8 English barley wine

6.9 American Barleywine

6.10 Imperial IPA

6.11 Australian Strong/Foreign Extra Stout

6.12 Russian Imperial Stout


7. Belgian & Sour Ales

7.1 Witbier

7.2 Saison

7.3 Biere de Garde

7.4 Belgian Blonde Ale

7.5 Belgian Golden Strong Ale

7.6 Tripel

7.7 Dubbel

7.8 Belgian Dark Strong Ale

7.9 Belgian Specialty Ale

7.10 Flanders Red Ale

7.11 Flanders Brown Ale/Ouid Bruin

7.12 Berliner Weisse

7.13 Straight (unblended) Lambic

7.14 Gueuze

7.15 Fruit Lambic


8. Specialty Beers, Ciders and Meads*

8.1 Fruit Beers

8.2 Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer

8.3 Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer

8.4 Classic Rauchbier (Smoked Marzen)

8.5 Wood Aged Beer

8.6 Other Specialty

8.7 Ciders**

8.8 Meads**


*Please include sufficient information for judging of these beers.

**American Amber, ciders and meads will be judged according to BJCP Style Guidelines.


Click Here to Download the PDF of entry form