Let’s face the truth. If we consider the busy everyday schedules, brewing your beer can be a tough task. This is because you barely have time to spend. But there is always a solution, and to combat this issue, we have curated a step-by-step process on how you can brew a batch of beer in just an hour.

Have you ever thought to brew a full-fledged beer at home just within an hour? This is quick and easy and can be an outstanding choice if you have an urgent get-together or don’t have the energy to keep brewing your beer for continuous hours. Now, this method is inspired by Kombucha, which is basically a fermented tea. This might confuse you, but we will make things simpler. Keep reading to know more.

What is the process to brew beer in one hour?

Since this process is a bit different, we might have to break a few traditional brewing process rules, but it will surely be worth it.

Let’s check out the in-depth details about the complete process.

  • Firstly, take a gallon of water and keep it in the fridge and let it cool overnight. We will need this later.
  • Now take another gallon of water and add it to the pan and start heating it.
  • Add all the required grains and let them infuse for some time. The grain infusion packs from Sydney Home Brew are a great choice for such a home brewing process here, since they have the right blend of every grain or malted barley brand essential for the perfect brew. These packs are pretty cost-friendly since they have quite a good quantity under a limited budget.
  • When the temperature reaches an approximate temperature of 170 degrees F, pull out the grain bag and let it boil for some more time.
  • Add a slight part of hops and let it simmer down a little. In case you have a fascination regarding different kinds of hops of various countries out there, you can surely choose the Hop pellets from Sydney Home brew. The variety of hop pellets here are immense. Thus, you will surely find something according to your preference.
  • Now, after five minutes, add the next part of the hops and keep boiling them.
  • Keep doing this for the next fifteen minutes. This much time is enough to sterilize the wort properly.
  • Remember the chilled gallon of water you stored last night? Use It for the ice bath here to cool your wort. Place the kettle into the ice bath for two minutes and let it cool down to an optimum temperature.
  • Keep giving a quick spin to the wort every two minutes. Ensure that the spoon is completely sanitized.

Now the rest process is just like a normal brewing process. The total approximate time to complete the full process will be less or equal to sixty minutes! Crazy, right?

Extra points to keep in mind

Now with this home brew process, you really need to experiment with the hops. Why? This is because the hop isomerization is exactly the sole reason for the beer’s bitterness, which happens only when the hops are boiled efficiently. Now, this beer can be a bit less bitter than the usual ones because the traditional method consisted of a sixty-minute boil instead of a fifteen-minute one. But the bitterness will be quite close. This is surely worth a try, since this would save up a lot of time.

Another way to reduce the time of fermentation is by pitching the right amount of yeast. Yes. This can surely be a game-changer if done correctly. A perfect choice for this should be Lallemand WilBrew Sour Pitch from Sydney Home brew since this is exclusively crafted just for beers and has a great tint of citrus flavor that is excellent for modern or traditional sour beer styles. 

Closing In Wasn’t this easy? Now when you finally have a sudden craving or a get-together, brewing a beer is just a matter of an hour. Thank us later for saving so much extra time of yours! Therefore, start making your first home brew batch already and enjoy the perfectly brewed beer just in sixty minutes!