ESB hops originate from producers wholesalers and suppliers such as

Hopunion LLC

Are committed to supplying the craft beer industry with premium hops and hop products. We have established a tradition of excellence and quality over the past 25 years, sourcing more than 80 hop varieties from the finest growing regions in the world. Our growers are pioneers in the hop industry and take great pride in supplying premium hops for premium craft beers. They offer more than 1,000 years of collective growing experience and continuously work to develop new hop varieties that meet the unique needs of artisan brewers. With every package of Hopunion hops, experience the sustainability you expect, the quality you trust, and the premium hops you deserve.


Charles Faram and Company

Have been established as merchants of hops and hop products for over 100 years. The company which was originally based in Worcester now resides in the small hamlet of Newland, situated at the foot of the picturesque Malvern Hills. Charles Faram stock and sell the largest range of hops in the UK. With over 50 different varieties of hops to choose from, we provide an artist’s pallette of flavours to create every type and style of beer. From the traditional Fuggles and Goldings used in the typical English Ales, to the more distinctive citrus of Pioneer or the delicate European floral lager flavour of Hersbrucker or the smooth, spicy, grapefruit flavour of American Cascade, we supply the brewer with the hops to design his/her own unique beer.


Home of the southern hemisphere’s largest hop grower where tradition, state of the art technology and a pristine growing environment combine to produce the finest high alpha and aroma hops. As a member of the Barth Haas Group, HPA can also supply a full range of down stream hop related products for all your brewing needs.



New Zealand Hops Ltd

Is able to offer a range of hops with interesting aromatic properties providing the brewer with the dual benefits of both pleasant aroma and economic bittering. New Zealand hops have been used in a number of International prizewinning beers and are also used as the cornerstone hop in many major brands

ESB offers varieties such as


Pride of Ringwood Australia

Southern Hallertau Australia

Australian Tettnang Australia

Galaxy Australia

Hallertau Mittelfruh Germany

Hallertau Tradition Germany

Hersbrucker Germany

Northern Brewer Germany

Perle Germany

Tettnang Germany

Spalt Spalt Germany

Spalt Sellect Germany

Saphir Germany

Saaz Czech Rep

Styrian Golding Slovenia

Bobek Slovenia

Aurora Slovenia

Celeia Slovenia

Sticklebract New Zealand

Super Alpha New Zealand

Green Bullet New Zealand

Hallertau Aroma New Zealand

Hallertau Aroma Organic New Zealand

Southern Cross New Zealand

Hallertau Pacific New Zealand

Nelson Sauvin New Zealand

Styrian Golding New Zealand

Motueka (B Saaz) New Zealand

Cascade Organic New Zealand

Pacific Gem New Zealand

Pacific Gem Organic New Zealand

Willamette New Zealand

Rakau Organic New Zealand

Pacific Jade New Zealand

Cascade New Zealand

Riwaka (D Saaz) New Zealand

Wai-iti New Zealand

Kohatu New Zealand

Zythos USA

Falconers Flight USA

Citra USA

Centennial USA

Cluster USA

Cascade USA

Chinook USA

Galena USA

Willamette USA

Liberty USA

Sterling USA

Amarillo USA

Horizon USA

Simcoe USA

Mt Hood USA

Glacier USA

Magnum USA

Ahtanum USA

Columbus USA

Crystal USA

Millennium USA

New Port USA

Northern Brewer USA

Palisade USA

Vangard USA

Warrior USA

Summit USA

Progress UK

Fuggles UK

Kent Goldings UK

Bramling Cross UK

Target UK

Challenger UK

First Gold UK


Brewers Gold UK

Northdown UK

Pilgram UK

Admiral UK

Boadicea UK

Strisselspalt France