Brewing with Hops









If you are serious about brewing your own beer you’ll need to learn about hops. Hops are one of several key ingredients in beer necessary to create the classic flavour and aroma beer is known for. They are actually responsible for the bitter flavour that beer tends to have. Beers like IPA’s have a strong hoppy flavour while ales and lagers tend to be milder and less hoppy.

Just like with tomatoes and other plants there are a wide variety of hops. Each variety will add a slightly different flavour to your beer. The hop is actually the flower of a vine like plant that is usually cultivated in colder climates. Every type of beer requires a certain blend of hops to create its own unique flavour profile.

ESB offers a wide variety of hops so you’ll be able to find what you need even if you are working with a somewhat obscure recipe. We carry pellet hops, fresh hops and finishing hops in several varieties. Hop pellets can be stored in your fridge for several months with no worries about spoilage. We also sell fresh hops and finishing hops which are perfect for dry hopping. Just be sure that you use the fresh variety quickly as they do not keep as well as pellets.

When brewing beer there are two ways to add your hops. Most beers require them to be added when the wort comes to a boil. This is true for both all grain and malt extract brewing. Adding large amounts at this stage will produce a bitter beer. One of the most well known bitter beers is the IPA which is largely due to its hoppy flavour. Brewers also use another trick when brewing an IPA and other hoppy beers known as dry hopping. Dry hopping is a technique that adds additional hops during the fermentation process. Dry hopping imparts additional flavour to your beer and gives your finished beer a wonderful aroma.

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