September 2012

Brewing with Hops

                If you are serious about brewing your own beer you’ll need to learn about hops. Hops are one of several key ingredients in beer necessary to create the classic flavour and aroma beer is known for. They are actually responsible for the bitter flavour that beer tends

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Aroma Hops

 Aroma Hops The following is a table is a list of aroma hops commonly used in the final minutes of the wort boil to give flavour and aroma to your beer. They a usually the lower alpha type varieties with distinctive flavours and aroma. These aroma hops are also ones used for dry hopping .

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Bittering Hops

 Bittering Hops The use of hops is for bittering. Bittering hops additions are boiled for 45-90 minutes to isomerize the alpha acids; the most common interval being one hour. Because of this, high alpha bittering hops varieties can be used to provide the bulk of the bitterness without hurting the taste of the beer. If

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Dual Purpose Hops

      VARIETY ALPHA ACID% ORIGIN ALTERNATIVE RECOMMENDED USE Boadicea 9-11 UK Sovereign Challenger Bitters Centennial 7-12 USA Green Bullet Cascade Columbus Chinook All US Ale styles, has been used with US Wheatbeers Challenger 6-9 UK NorthdownNorthern BrewerFirst Gold English style Ale, Porter, Stout, ESB, Bitter, BarleyWine, Brown Ales Chinook 11-15 USA Columbus Simcoe

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Beer Malt

Beer Malt The Chart below describes Castle Maltings wide range of base and specialty Beer malt which are of the highest quality, allowing you to brew every beer style from Pilsen, Ales, Stouts, Porters, Abbey beers and all the rest Belgian beer malts offer quality and performance specifications that are markedly  better than German British

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