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EBS 2013 Home Brew Competition

Closing Date 25May 2013 Juding 1 June 2013



This year’s competition is a little different from our previous ones – so please read carefully!

There are styles per AABC 2012 Guidelines


AND some other styles.
Groups are:

B Aussie Dark

A Aussie Light
C Special
D Extra Special
1.1 Light Australian Lager 18.2 Spice Beer 8.3 Extra Special Bitter
2.1 Australian Lager Any AABC 2012 Style BUT must use Australian Spice. B1 Aussie Brown Ale
2.2 Australian Premium Lager C1 Classic Double Stout
6.5 Australian Pale Ale
9.4 Australian Dark/Old Ale
12.1 Australian/ Foreign Export Stout


Major Sponsor

Best Beer of Competition


Thanks to all of our generous sponsors for each of the groups A Light B Dark C Special D Extra Special

First Place $100
Second Place $75
Third Place $50

will receive an ESB Gift Certificate.


BJCP and other judges are very welcome.

Please email prstemp@yahoo.com.au to register yourattendance.

Guidance – Spice

Spice beers –

Some Australian Spices to consider
Lemon Myrtle
Aniseed Myrtle
Cinnamon Myrtle
Lemon Aspen
Dorrigo Pepper
Salt Bush
Wattle Seed


Spice beers – must be able to taste the spice however a little can go a long way!
NB MUST specify the base beer


Guidance – Extra Special

There are 2 new styles that you can enter – if you are up to the challenge.

B1 Aussie Brown Ale

OG 1.045 – 1.060 IBU 20 – 40+ SRM 18 – 35
FG 1.010 – 1.016 ABV 4.3 – 6.2%

Aroma – Malty, sweet and rich, which often has a chocolate, caramel, nutty and/or toasty quality. Hop aroma is typically moderate to high exhibiting Australian hop character.

Fruity esters are moderate to moderately high. The dark malt character is more robust than other brown ales, yet stops short of being overly porter-like. The malt and hops are generally balanced.

Appearance – Light to very dark brown colour. Clear. Low to moderate off-white to light tan head.

Flavour – Medium to high malty flavour (often with caramel, toasty and/or chocolate flavours), with medium to medium-high bitterness. The medium to medium-dry finish provides an aftertaste having both malt and hops. Hop flavour can be moderate to high displaying the character of Australian hops. Moderate or higher fruity esters.

Mouthfeel – Medium to medium-full body. More bitter versions may have a dry, resiny impression. Moderate to moderately high carbonation. Stronger versions may have some alcohol warmth in the finish.

Impression – Can be considered a bigger, maltier, hoppier interpretation of Northern English brown ale or a hoppier, less malty Brown Porter, often including the citrus-accented hop presence that is characteristic of Australian hop varieties.

Ingredients – Well-modified pale malt plus crystal and darker malts should complete the malt bill. Australian hops are necessary. Australian yeast or English yeast that provides some esters.

Guidance – Extra Special

This is a 100 year old, circa 1913, style that you can enter.

C2 Classic Double Stout

OG 1.055 – 1.060 IBU 30
FG 1.020 – 1.025 SRM 44
ABV 5.2 – 5.7%

Aroma – Noticeable burnt aroma.
Should not be estery or fruity. Hop aroma none.

Appearance – Very Black with a thick off white tan head. Medium carbonation.

Flavour – Ripe, rich malty flavour with some empyreumatic (burnt organic matter as a result of decomposition at high temperatures i.e. a touch of creosote but in a nice way.) Lingering edgy bitterness in the finish with notes of liquorice. No roasted barley or chocolate type flavours or lactose type sweetness. Some cold expresso type bitterness acceptable.

Mouthfeel – Luscious medium body with some sweetness offsetting the dryness of the Black Patent malt.

Impression – Really dark, full bodied malty stout with good drinkability. Not as dry as a Dry stout or as fruity as a Foreign Export Stout. Definitely not a sweet stout.

Ingredients – 6 row (37%) If you can’t get 6 Row Joe White Traditional Ale would be OK and 2 row (32%) pale malt, black patent (8%) , crystal (4.5%), cane sugar (18.5%) with Cluster and Goldings hops. Mash at 70C Ferment at 17C and can rise to 23C. Choose a poorly attenuating yeast or crash cool.(% are a guide).

How to Enter

Brew some beer – Styles are on Page 2
Maximum of two (2) entries per style per entrant.
Pay $5 per entry, Complete Entry Form put in envelope with your name on it Stick label(s) to Bottle(s) Attach envelope to your bottle(s).
Size Matters – one (1) bottle of 600 ml capacity or greater OR two (2) bottles of a lesser capacity, but not less than 330 ml
Address To ESB Chief Steward
Deliver to the following addresses by
4.00pm Saturday 25th May 2013

The Brew Shop. 60A Henry Lawson Drive, Peakhurst, NSW

Judging – Saturday 1st June 2013 commencing at 9.00am carried out by experienced judges appointed by the Head Steward to the 2012 version of the AABC style guidelines and as contained in this document. The Head Steward’s decision is final

To qualify for prizes and certificates each group MUST have received a minimum of 6 entries. If the minimum requirements are not reached in any group the entries will still be judged according to style and the judge’s sheets returned to the entrant. Each entry must score at least 60% of the total score available, i.e. (150 x .6 = 90 points) to qualify for any prize or award.

Beers provided that are not as specified on page 2 WILL NOT be judged. Please read the above very carefully and make sure the style details quoted on your entry form and bottle labels are correct. Organisers and judges take no responsibility for beers entered into the wrong group/style.